Logo Design, Brand Naming - Trumpet Your Trademark

Logo and brand name have a significant role in corporate identity building, brand positioning as well as in brand promotion. A logo should be clear, consistent, and comprehensive. SIM Malaysia Graphic Design creates your logo in simple but elegant fashion, which will aptly stand for your company/brand. We provide logo and name with its specifications like usage guidelines, logo color palette, fonts and tagline.

Have your company or brand has an expression all its own -it depicts your unique ensign, excellence and brand insignia to the rest of the world. We undertake corporate identity program to design and develop exceptionally outstanding brand identity manuals mirroring detailed knowledge of your brands or products. We design brand identity manuals that trumpet your brand among your business circles in creating trust and confidence about your company brands. The purpose of brand identity manuals is to generate positive impact on by clearly identifying core competencies of brands/services.